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Tips for Playing the Bluegrass Mandolin

Bluegrass Mandolin Tips for Playing the Bluegrass Mandolin

Tips for Playing the Bluegrass Mandolin

The bluegrass mandolin is one of the unique elements of bluegrass music and as such, your choice of instrument comes with an important role: you need to show listeners why the mandolin deserves a special place in bluegrass music.

Tips for Beginners

Listen before, after, and during learning. Read More

The History of Bluegrass Music

bluegrass music The History of Bluegrass Music

The History of Bluegrass Music

The roots of bluegrass music can be traced as far back as the early 17th century as the Americas welcomed more and more foreigners to its land. As foreign traditions integrated with local ones, new music genres began to take shape and new instruments were introduced. In time, this cycle would lead to the development of bluegrass music. Read More

Bluegrass Artists

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