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Although many people believe that bluegrass music is a uniquely American sound, it is not true that the Bluegrass solely originated in the hills of Appalachia. Because most residents of this particular part of the country came from Ireland and Scotland, they brought the music of their home countries with them. Bluegrass music has its roots in the Irish ballads and highland reels of the old country. Many scholars who have studied this type of music have Read more!

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Bluegrass has roots in Celtic and other folk music traditions. Each of the following instruments contributes to the characteristic sound of bluegrass music.

The banjo is derived from an African instrument that was originally made by placing strings on a dried gourd. The instrument took its modern form in the mid-nineteenth century and became a mainstay of traditional Southern music.

The mandolin is a small, high-pitched acoustic instrument that is a descendent of medieval lutes. It was made Read more!

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So you’ve spent a lot of weekends in watching old bluegrass movies on your channels and you’re ready to get out and about and explore the grass lovin’ parts of the country? If you’re up for a bluegrass roadtrip take a chance on a few of the following regions:
Virginia: Rural Virginia, particularly the western part of the state, is known for its dedication to bluegrass. You may find some really great instrument stores as well as some old-timers – stop in at any local apple shop for an earful.
Kentucky: The birthplace of bluegrass, Kentucky may as well be the national state of bluegrass. People here live and breathe it and whether you want a T-shirt, a private lesson or to meet one of the greats, this is the place to be.
Tennessee: Just outside of Nashville TN gets a little less country and a little less bluegrass. If you venture towards the mountains (particularly over towards Kentucky) you’ll start picking up numerous bluegrass stations on your radio dialit’s a haven for that kind of music as well as music-lovers of all kinds!

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The banjo occupies a place historically in African music.The banjo made its way into more traditional music when the slaves and sharecroppers melded. It has since become a very popular instrument used in country, folk and bluegrass music.The banjo is absolutely a mainstay in American folk songs as well. Ask anyone and they will tell you when they think of the banjo, bluegrass music immediately comes to mind. There are many premier banjo pickers Read more!

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Bluegrass goes through a renovation every twenty years or so, as the musical style is revamped with the changing of the guard. The first generation of bluegrass music began in the 1940s but when the electric guitar hit the scene, bluegrass, like every other musical genre, changed forever.

Bluegrass has its roots in folk music from the United Kingdom. Bill Monroe, who came as close to inventing the genre as anyone can claim, (the name is derived from his band “the Blue Grass Boys”) says bluegrass is “Scottish bagpipes and ole-time fiddlin’.” With the Read more!

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Bluegrass is not known as style of music that is progressive or forward thinking by many people. Even Bluegrass fans tend to feel this way sometimes. It has made some advances in since the last century though by incorporating more modern instrumentation and chord progressions into the classic bluegrass sound. There bands all over America that are helping push bluegrass to the brink with their creative takes on this classic music genre that was born in America.

Many bands are starting to include drum sets into their sound. This Read more!

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Bluegrass music has its roots in the founding of the United States in the 1600s when the English and Scots-Irish settled in the Appalachian Mountains. Slaves from Africa brought with them the banjo whose shape has never changed.

True bluegrass music is a combination of hillbilly, country, gospel and blues with a jazz flavor. Vocal renditions relate the highs and lows of life especially the hard times associated with coal miners. Main instruments are guitar, banjo, and mandolin. As the melody lead trades off among instruments a fever pitch breakdown happens as the Read more!